Paint Protection Films



SHIELD-FACTOR PPF+ is a cutting-edge paint protection film for vehicles, offering an invisible shield for the paintwork in the following situations:

  • Stone chips & road gravel during driving
  • Insects & bugs stains
  • Light scratches due to abrasion with wall or other vehicles
  • Wear and tear near door edges/handles
  • Enhanced UV Protection to slow down aging of car paintwork

FILMTACK’s SHIELD-FACTOR PPF+ had been rigorously tested for over 5-years before product launch. The film is made with one of the slowest degenerating (yellowing) weatherable-grade materials with better resistance against environmental factors such as acid rain and UV.

Technical Specifications

Specifications SHIELD-FACTOR PPF+
Thickness – CAP Sheet 50 ㎛
Thickness – Top Coat 12 ㎛
Thickness – Thermoplastic Polyurethane 150 ㎛
Thickness – Adhesive 28 ㎛
Thickness – Liner 75 ㎛
Adhesive Strength >4.7N/cm
Elongation @ Break 350%
Gravelometer No Rupture Observed
Pollution – Soap & Water Test
Pollution – Motor Oil Test
Pollution – Whiteboard Marker Test
Test Duration: 30min
No Damaging Stain Observed
Solvent – Gasoline Test
Solvent – Isopropyl Alcohol Test
Solvent – Acetic Acid Test
Test Duration: 30min
No Reaction Observed

The values presented above are the mean of the data collected during routine quality control for comparison purposes and may vary with different production batches.