Safety & Security Film

4MIL & 7MIL Films

Safety & Security films are thicker polyester films that are applied to glass with the primary purpose to reduce the impact from shattered glass during accidents or disasters. The product is also strengthened with specially formulated adhesive or thicker pressure sensitive adhesive coatings to increase adhesion to glass surfaces. The safety-films’ toughened glazing also provides greater deterrence during forced break-ins.

Product Features

  • Enhances Safety
  • Reduces impact from shattered glass
  • Acts as a deterrent to theft/ break-ins
Specifications Safety 2MIL Clear Safety 4MIL Clear Safety 7MIL Clear Safety 4MIL PERFECT 75 Safety 4MIL PERFECT 60
Visible Light Transmission 88% 87% 85% 75% 60%
Visible Light Reflectance 6% 7% 7% 7% 6%
Total Solar Energy Rejected 16% 17% 17% 34% 47%
Ultraviolet Reduction 99% 99% 99% 99% 99%
Tensile Strength >24000psi >24000psi >24000psi >24000psi >24000psi
Elongation at Break >100% >100% >100% >100% >100%
Peel Strength >2650g/in >2650g/in >2650g/in >2650g/in >2650g/in
Break Strength 65lbs/in 128lbs/in 200lbs/in 128lbs/in 133lbs/in
Puncture Strength 52lbs 90lbs 139lbs 90lbs 97lbs
Thickness 50 microns 100 microns 175 microns 100 microns 100 microns

The values presented above are the mean of the data collected during routine quality control for comparison purposes and may vary with different production batches.