Message from Chairman

I am pleased that FilmTack has responded with motivation and diligence, managing the challenges brought by the uncertain global economy and rising raw material prices.

FilmTack has put strong focus on revenue growth during the infancy stage. It is our objective to increase the competitive advantage of our customers. Building upon the soaring businesses of our business partners, we project comfortable double digit growth figures for the long term.

I thank our buyers and suppliers for their trust and we look forward to their continued support. Our progress is made possible by our team of men & women whose commitment and determination help to build our company – one that creates value for our customer.

T K Poon


  1. Business built on Trust, Integrity and Respect.
  2. Better pricing for products of similar performance.
  3. Safeguard the interests of manufacturers.
  4. Continued growth in established window films market.
  5. Create the most efficient integrated distribution solution.
  6. Improve staff productivity and income.
  7. Involvement in product research and developments.
  8. Diversify market and product line.