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Face Shield Visor Films

Face shields are Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used by healthcare workers for protection against aerosols and mucous membranes in the course of their work. FILMTACK FACE SHIELD VISOR FILM reduces fogging when in use, and offers additional protection against bacteria such as E-Coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. Our product is adopted by reputable companies in US, Japan and South Korea for the manufacturing of Hygiene-Grade disposable face shields.

Product Features

  • High Optical Clarity
  • Anti-Bacterial Coating
  • Anti-Fog Coating
  • Usage: 5 – 14 days (Cleaning Required)
  • JIS Z 2801 Test Standard

Product Structure
Product Structure

Technical Specifications

Product Thickness 188 or 250 microns
Master Roll Size 1.56m x 1000m
Standard Roll Size Customized
General Properties Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Fog Coating, High Optical Clarity
Recommended Storage Condition 59 – 77° F (15 – 25° C) @ 50% Relative Humidity
Optimal Performance Shelf Life 36 months
Recommended Usage Duration 5 – 10 days* depending on exposure/environment


Cleaning & Usage Information:


Test Standard: Japanese Industrial Standards JIS Z 2801:2010
Report Number: KS120R01302002
American Type Culture Collection Test Sample ATCC 6538PTM Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 8739TM Escherichia coli
Original Culture 1.0 x 104 1.0 x 104
Control Petri Dish After 24 Hours
1.6 x 105

3.5 x 106
Anti-Bacterial Coating After 24 Hours
< 0.63 (99.9%)

< 0.63 (99.9%)


FILMTACK FACE SHIELD VISOR FILM has not been endorsed or approved by any regulatory agency, and by no means guarantee any specific performance against any specific infectious, respiratory or communicable diseases, due to the wide array of environmental factors. Neither FILMTACK PTE LTD nor its representatives, affiliates or any person acting on behalf of FILMTACK PTE LTD, makes any form of guaranteed representations or warranties, whether expressly or implied, based on the above results, including data accuracy and performance guidance of any specific product’s merchantability, usage and fitness of a particular purpose. Neither, FILMTACK PTE LTD, nor its representatives, affiliates or any person acting on behalf of FILMTACK PTE LTD, shall be liable for any form of losses or damages, in contract, performance expectation of product, tort or whatsoever due to reliance and/or usage of the above results, in whole or in part, by any entity or person for any reason.