Brand Management


FilmTack aspires to be the global supermarket for window films. Currently FilmTack is a leading B2B brand in the Asian market that encompasses unmatched quality and service for wholesalers. Industry practitioners enjoy tremendous saving by sourcing leading U.S and Japanese products under the FilmTack Performance & Standard Series.


LexTint is one of the leading automotive film brands in Singapore that offers the premium selection from our range of U.S. & Japanese products. LexTint has enjoyed substantial competitive advantage with its value creating positions that cannot be imitated or duplicated by competing brands.

Greenway Films (All Products except GW-T Series)

Greenway Films provide a wide range of tinting solutions for drivers hoping to improve their driving comfort and home & office owners who want to improve the energy efficient of their windows. Highly specialized coatings are used on Greenway films to provide heat reduction, UV protection, enhanced safety and aesthetics improvement. The best products from FILMTACK are carefully selected for Greenway Films to represent us at the forefront of our industry.

Perfect Window Films

Offering the largest range of window films in the world, Perfect Window Films is the one-stop solution for the retail consumers. Product lines are consistently added and accepted by customers who are able to identify the value of the trusted brand.

Private Branding

We are behind the success of top brands in the market. Our private branding business model allows our buyers to focus their on marketing while enjoying higher product margins when they outsource the quality control, packaging and shipping to us. Today, our private branding division has grown to be the main engine of our brand management division, serving buyers across Asia, Europe & Australia.