Company Profile

FILMTACK PTE LTD – Empowering Window Films Businesses

FilmTack is a leading window films company in Asia-Pacific. We focus on building a wide range of solar films distributed and used by our customers across a broad spectrum of applications and regions.

Supported by an efficient supply chain management solution and our global links to distributors, we are able to provide reliable service and product to serve our customers. We maintain a large variety and quantity of window films to provide just-in-time delivery to our customers. To serve the needs of different markets that we operate within, we market some products on either an exclusive or non-exclusive arrangement under our own brand and distribute other brands based on private branding.

Top 5 Automotive Films by Volume
Stable-Dyed Series 31%
Stable-Pro Series 24%
SPX Series 16%
EyeCare Series 15%
HP Series 9%
Top 5 Automotive Films by Value
EyeCare Series 30%
SPX Series 27%
Stable-Dyed Series 14%
Stable-Pro Series 13%
PERFECT Series 11%
Top 5 Architectural Films by Volume
CQ Dual-Reflective Series 37%
VERSA Series 20%
CQ Chrome Series 15%
Safety & Security Films 13%
PERFECT Series 9%
Top 5 Architectural Films by Value
CQ Dual-Reflective Series 30%
VERSA Series 29%
PERFECT 70 14%
Safety & Security Films 12%
CQ Chrome Series 11%
Top 5 Export Regions
Southeast Asia
Northeast Asia
Middle East
North America
Fastest Growing Markets
2021-2022 Taiwan, ROC
2019-2020 Australia
2017-2018 Australia
2015-2016 Taiwan, ROC
2013-2014 Taiwan, ROC
2011-2012 ASEAN
2009-2010 India
Top 10 Automotive Export Markets
Taiwan, ROC
New Zealand
United States
Saudi Arabia
Top 10 Architectural Export Markets
Taiwan, ROC
Hong Kong, SAR
New Zealand
United Arab Emirates
South Korea
Brunei Darussalam