Automotive Film

Multi-layer Sputtered Films

Sputter deposition is usually applied to depositing thin layers of metals on films with metal. The sputtering process ejects atoms from a solid target material due to bombardment of the target with charged particles. Sputtering allows the manufacturer to customize a finished product with one or more metals with more control over reflectivity and visible light transmission. Precious metals such as Silver, and occasionally Gold are used in the process.

In countries where these Sputtered Films are also frequently used in architectural applications, edge-sealing is recommended.

Product Features

  • Best performing technology among metallized window tints.
  • Achieve greater reflectivity at higher visible light transmission.
  • Allows coating of multiple layers of exotic/precious metals on thin film.
  • Less reflective mirror-effect than aluminum metallized films.
  • Unparalleled external aesthetics.
Specifications Blue Meadow 50 Clear Galaxy 75
Visible Light Transmission 53% 72%
Total Solar Transmittance 36% 46%
Total Solar Absorbance 42% 31%
Total Solar Reflectance 22% 23%
Visible Light Reflectance – Interior 20% 20%
Visible Light Reflectance – Exterior 24% 20%
Glare Reduction 41% 20%
Infrared Reduction (1000nm) 50% 40%
Infrared Reduction (1800nm) 65% 60%
Shading Coefficient 0.54 0.63
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.47 0.54
Total Solar Energy Rejected 53% 45%
Ultraviolet Reduction 99% 99%

The values presented above are the mean of the data collected during routine quality control for comparison purposes and may vary with different production batches.